Recently, all it has done is rain. Rain that will get you soaked even if you are using an umbrella. It seems to fall as heavy droplets just aiming for you wherever you are standing. The humidity also doesn’t help. Sometimes it feels like you are being starved of oxygen as the moisture in the air makes your lungs feel tight when you breathe in. However when the sun does come out it is pleasant, and as it has been raining it at least feels fresher. You can never have too much of a good thing; the sun will pop out for a day and then it’s back to rain again. As I have never travelled to Asia before, I didn’t expect the rain to go on for over a week already... I just want the air to feel nice again!


It is a really good idea to invest in some dehumidifier boxes (which are very cheap from Daiso) which help take the moisture out of your room. However they do seem to turn to water very quickly. 

A problem with it being humid and Korea itself, are the insects. They are massive and there seems to be lots of them. There are massive crickets, which sometimes have a parasite living inside them which eats the cricket’s brain and then controls them. These are known as zombie bugs. Just a few moments ago I could hear this buzzing sound and I filmed this bug outside on the mesh, which helps keeps bugs out when the windows are open. I have no idea what it was but it was making a lot of noise. Sometimes at night you can hear the frogs croaking, which after a couple of nights you learn to ignore them.

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