Friday evening, we got invited to go see Iron Man 3 at the cinema with some friends We planned to eat before the show, but went to get our tickets before it sold out. The Koreans seem to be obsessed with having to take a ticket and then waiting for your number to be called rather than queuing. After that, we ate at a western restaurant/pub called ‘Travellers’. Paul and I both had a burger (veggie burger for Paul) with fries and onion rings. It was nice to have some greasy food, as all that is offered in the cafeteria is healthy food, like rice with some spicy meat and gimchi; which the Korean’s eat with every meal- it’s either cabbage or radish, salted, seasoned and then pickled with spices. It’s quite yummy; but it tastes much better when it has been barbequed.

So after we have eaten, we all felt stuffed! But that didn't stop some of us buying popcorn, which apparently they have all kinds of flavours including caramel and onion...We then got into a lift to go to our screen.

Now if you have ever seen Iron Man, you will know that some of the lines are just hilarious.  Whilst we’re laughing at these funny lines, the Koreans are just lost in translation (as it had Korean subtitles). This in its self was quite funny. 

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